The coming release of 'Defining Green'

Hey drudies!

As promised, here are some news on the release of the article 'Defining Green'!

It is my very first piece and I have therefore been busy finding my way amongst convincingly arguing my point and giving meaningful examples. 
In terms of writing it, I've found it hard to shape my style as I am not used to neither copywriting, nor drafting formal articles for newspapers. I guess that I've pretty much been trying to find my mark there : )

It's taken me quite a lot of time and I eventually came to realize that I wouldn't be able to achieve everything that I was willing to do in the way that I wanted it done. I've therefore decided to divide 'Defining Green' into several pieces that I am willing to release as soon as they are ready.

I hope that you're not too disappointed as the first piece is still going to be amounting to about 1600 words. 

That first part should be released tomorrow, 01 September 2020.

Until then...

Be wise, be druidsome ; )

[EDIT: The article entitled 'Defining Green' was actually released on 04 September 2020].

Small delays, and personal life

Hi fellow drudies!

It has been a while and I just wanted to give you the heads up :)

I've been busy here and there, taking care of personal matters (taking care of family, moving out, taking some me time, and getting myself a job).

As for the objectives set for June 2020, they have been partially attained.
I have further investigated with the trade court and relevant bodies, and I have been informed that a document went missing on the way to the registration agency. The matter is being settled, and Druidward will soon be officially incorporated as a company!

In regards with the design of the website, it is now pretty much stable.

Well, I know that I said that I'd work on releasing my very first article ("Defining Green") and that I haven't published a final version yet. There are times when we underestimate workload, and taking on writing (good) articles takes much more research and method than I expected.
Though I cannot precisely set a date for its release, I am confident that I should have it published by the end of August 2020.

Now, failing to release a definitive version of the "Defining Green" article in time does not mean that I have not created content at all! ; ) In fact, I have been releasing quite a lot of content on Instagram (click or tap here to access the page @druidward).

And there's one thing that I have been willing to announce: I am launching a #FundRaising for The Climate Reality Project US organization. Former Vice President Al Gore is one of the earliest whistleblowers on environmental concerns and his organization get things done for the world and means a lot to me.
Basically, for every person following the account @druidward on Instagram in 2020, Druidward will give money to Al Gore's organization (up to $200,00 USD). Note that Druidward Media is not associated in any way with The Climate Reality Project.

And yeah, that is pretty much it! I hope that the next news that I bring is that my article "Defining Green" has just been released ; )

Until then...

Be wise, be druidsome ; )

Main objectives for June

Hi fellow drudies!

Since the release of the website, I have worked on creating a stable layout as well as macro-managing the styles of content. This will result in me spending less time editing the appearance of text in the future.

The main objectives for June 2020 are:

- getting everything in order with regards to administrative papers for the Company;
- giving some structure to most of the remaining blank pages;
- making the website more responsive for smaller screens;
- writing and releasing an article entitled Defining 'Green';
- setting a login system with Google Sign In.

Please be aware that all materials at www.druidward.eco are subject to change during the early-access period and that some information can be inaccurate. The date when the the early-access period ends is not defined yet.

Until then...

Be wise, be druidsome ; )

Early-access release

Hi fellow drudies!

The website is now released for early access but is still under development. There are still many blank pages, but you can already browse for some content :)

Please be aware that all materials at www.druidward.eco are subject to change during the early-access period and that some information can be inaccurate.

Feel free to give me some feedback on Instagram!

Until then...

Be wise, be druidsome ; )