June 08 2020 – Main objectives

Hi fellow drudies!

Since the release of the website, I have worked on creating a stable layout as well as macro-managing the styles of content. This will result in me spending less time editing the appearance of text in the future.

The main objectives for June 2020 are:

- getting everything in order with regards to administrative papers for the Company;
- giving some structure to most of the remaining blank pages;
- making the website more responsive for smaller screens;
- writing and releasing an article entitled Defining 'Green';
- setting a login system with Google Sign In.

Please be aware that all materials at www.druidward.eco are subject to change during the early-access period and that some information can be inaccurate. The date when the the early-access period ends is not defined yet.

Until then...

Be wise, be druidsome ; )