Druidward actively makes the following commitments.

The Company relies on the release of powerful articles and multimedia contents to raise awareness on environmental concerns.
Druidward also takes pride in being green hosted by a carbon-neutral company, Infomaniak.

The Company's website is operated by a secure content management system, which is regularly updated. It also relies on additional measures designed to improve security, such as data encryption protocols.

The Company thrives to comply with privacy laws and regulation to ensure that every user feels safe and enjoys their experience on the website.
Read Druidward's Privacy Policy for more information, especially on your personal data.

The Company only issues content that are suitable for both adults and minors.
In an attempt to make the website family-friendly, an obscenity filter has been implemented to make swearwords unreadable. The community is expected to report inappropriate contents for the Company owner to take action as soon as possible.

The Company also ensures that persons with physical disabilities are not left out.
Druidward ensures that every audible content (e.g., videos) is subtitled for deaf people to read audible content. In addition, Druidward intends to insert captions, and alternative texts or short description, for blind people to access using their own reading devices.

The Company regularly shows how donations are used.
Druidward regularly shows how much is used either for its operations, or for my own well-being as an individual who is entitled with the reasonable right to not starve out in the cold and afford a Netflix subscription! :)