Who's Behind It

Vincent, 27

Flowers in Chania



French Republic

June. 2020 - Today

Managing Director and Environment Advocate, at Druidward Media

Mar. 1993 - Jun. 2020

Expert in contemplation, at Life

I fiercely believe that something can be done to find balance with Nature. To me, it is not about shaming anyone. Guilt leads close to nowhere. It is about making people understand the need for balance, and inspiring them to put work into finding it.

I'm only just an individual, probably like any of you, trying to do my part.

With time, I have come to realize how everything is not environmentally ideal and can get better. I hope that Druidward helps you enlightening your knowledge of environmental concerns and makes some of you take action.

My awareness was mainly inspired by Albert Arnold Gore Jr. (Expert in Climate change), and Aurélien Barrau (Environment advocate).

"If you want somebody to change their mind it's no good arguing. You have got to reach their heart."

- Jane Goodall


"Coming to realise that mankind will not listen to Nature's call is truly saddening."

- Victor Hugo

I am mainly speaking for myself. But if you ever find that my words do reflect your beliefs, then I am happy to give voice to the ideas for which we are standing together.